Managed Care Center

All Stars – Sixth Grade

Are your sixth graders at risk of becoming involved with tobacco, drugs or alcohol? Is your school district looking for a program that can help students grow into healthy and happy adults? Managed Care Center and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission have the answer, an answer that is completely funded through the State of Texas.

All Stars was designed for sixth grade students to help them build healthy, positive, and full lives free from the dangers of alcohol, drug use, peer pressure, and other at-risk factors.

Some of the topics covered in All Stars are:

  • The World of the Future
  • Understanding What Is Important
  • Planning for the Future
  • Make Your Mark
  • Ideals-Based Reputations
  • Habits That Support Ideals
  • Opinion Poll Game
  • Unwritten Rules of Behavior
  • Opinion Poll Game Rematch
  • Commitment
  • Defending Commitments
  • Proclaiming Commitments
  • Celebration

If you believe that All Stars is right for your students, call us today at 806.780.8300 to schedule an appointment with one of our All Stars Program Coordinators. We will be happy to work with you to build the perfect program at no cost to your school district, city, or county.

“We have been offering All Stars to our students for three years now. The impact it has in terms of substance use prevention is impressive. Even more important, the subjects offered really focus on the success filled life. Our students love the teachers and the program.

I got a lot out of this program. I really liked Make Your Mark because it gave me some things to shoot for. When we first started All Stars, I enjoyed the break from class. Then I got into it. I learned how to make my life better.