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Today’s adolescents face challenges that have never been seen before especially with tobacco, alcohol, and substance use. Breaking the Cycle, a program developed by Managed Care Center for Addictive and Other Disorders, recognizes that the potential for making a life-long difference with our youth is greater than with any other population segment. This is most true for those who have become involved in the Juvenile Justice System.

Breaking the Cycle was developed specifically for those young people between the ages of 13 and 17 who are in detention or on probation using three evidence-based curricula with a singular goal – break the cycle before it can become a cycle.


Managed Care Center’s Adolescent Outpatient Treatment program is provided to those youth who are currently in detention. This program was developed after two years of research that uncovered the exact time commitment and subject matter to produce the highest possible efficacy and positive results.


A 10-week educational program from Managed Care Center’s Prevention Division that focuses on key points like setting strong life priorities, learning how to set and achieve goals, what constitutes healthy behavior, establishing commitments, and celebrating personal success.


A 10-week Adolescent Outpatient treatment program for those who have completed their detention and those on probation. The focus is on building a knowledge base about substance use, making healthy life choices, preventing potential relapse, and creating a life of personal success.
Those in the detention system are offered the complete three prong system; those on probation, the third prong which, even by itself, provides effective tools for building a positive life.
Breaking the Cycle was developed specifically to make a difference where it is most needed and most important – with our vulnerable youth. For more information, contact Managed Care Center for Addictive and Other Disorders at 806.830.8300 or visit our website at

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