Managed Care Center

Community Coalitions

What does Managed Care Center do for communities and how?

It empowers communities with awareness and knowledge.

The counties and cities of Region 1 are taking proactive steps to protect themselves and, even more important, their youth – children and adolescents. Managed Care’s Community Coalitions Professionals help facilitate town hall meetings, school board assemblies, and other public forums where information is provided to parents, teachers, students, and others interested in helping stem the tide of use by our young people and others.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, one of the definitions of the word “coalition” is, “an . . . alliance of distinct parties, persons, or states for joint action.” This is exactly what our Community Coalitions Projects are intended to do – bring towns, cities, counties, and others together so we can create opportunities for these invested parties to work together to create better lives for our children. All of the communities of Region 1, West Texas and the Panhandle, can and do benefit from this “coming together.”

If Community Coalitions has a single message, it is, “Help us save a life or many lives.” At this time, the greatest threats to our youth are tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and other illegal drugs like methamphetamines. With awareness comes knowledge. With knowledge comes power. Truly, information like knowledge is power.

  • Four different courses for students:
    • Youth Connection – Appropriate for All Grades
    • All Stars – Appropriate for Sixth Grade
    • Life Skills Training – Appropriate for Sixth Grade
    • Toward No Drugs – Appropriate for High School
  • Well researched data and information through our Prevention Resource Center
  • And other things

We supported such a coalition in our West Texas county and it has made an incredible difference in many ways but most importantly by just bringing valuable knowledge to our residents many of whom were not aware of the threat to our children and families. Like I said, it has made a difference.


The Community Coalitions people literally brought the county, the city, and the school district together. Now we are a force for improving our area and making it better in so many ways. Our children are the investment in the future. How could we do any less?

Talk to one of our Community Coalitions Professionals today by calling 806.780.8300. We can help you raise awareness, increase knowledge of the facts, and arm your communities against things that threaten our youth namely tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.